How to beat the overwhelm when marketing your small business

It can be hard to market yourself sometimes…

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Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Honestly, I get it. As a small business owner doing all the things, marketing yourself can be really tough sometimes.

Especially on social media when:

  1. There are so many channels to be doing the thing on.
  2. The platform and the best practises always seem to be changing.
  3. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do the marketing things, along with all the other things that need doing in the business, for the business, and outside of the business!

Does any of this resonate with you?

Well, remember pals…you are not alone in this. Seriously. Even when it *really* feels like it, you aren’t. I promise you.

We all feel overwhelmed with the multiple hats we as business-owners wear. I’m not saying this simply as a way to empathise, I’m saying it because I really do know…I’m a business-owner, just like you, and I get overwhelmed a lot more than I admit (and maybe it’s time I shared that more). But you know what? You don’t have to DO it all alone.

I want you to ask for help whenever you want it. I ENCOURAGE you to do so.

Why? Because we all should be able to do business in whatever way we want to. And if that means NOT doing all the things, and in fact supporting another small business by having THEM take one of your chores off your hands, so be it! This is literally a win for them, a win for you, and a win for your clients and customers because you are going to show up without the overwhelm! Tell me where the bad part of this plan is. I’ll wait.

This is probably one of the biggest hacks, tricks, reframes when it comes to beating the overwhelm when it comes to marketing your small business: it doesn’t matter who does it, it just has to get done.

So, it’s time to be honest with yourself.

What business chore would you looooove to have someone else help with?

I know you have at least 1 thing that you keep putting off, or that saps all your good energy, or gets you frustrated with how long it takes to do on your own, or that you just don’t like doing anymore. Grab a notebook, write them all down, then pick one and imagine if someone else just sorted the whole thing for you. How does it feel to know it’s taken care of? Is that weight on your shoulders a little lighter? Yes…then that’s the one to roll with. Figure out HOW to get it off your plate, and on to a brilliant small business-owner’s plate.

Again, this isn’t an empty suggestion. I’ve done this exercise.

For me it’s caption-writing for social media. I have plenty of ideas (notebooks full of them!) but when it comes to matching creative ideas with what’s helpful for my people AND what works for the specific platform, I go round and round in circles. And you’ll be pleased to know, that post-honest-chat-with-myself, I know exactly my next steps to get this off my stress-list and more importantly, I feel better already.

Here are some other real-world examples of what this could look like:

  • Self-assessment takes ages to organise and you’re worried about making a mistake on the official documents?
    ⚡️ Get an app to track your expenses with ease, or hire an accountant to file your taxes at the end of the year.

  • Spend to much of your time looking for and creating designs on Canva for your social media content and they still don’t feel right?
    ⚡️ Buy ready-to-post social tiles, or work with a graphic designer to create a bespoke collection of templates making it easy to create on-brand content at any time.

  • Have an email list but you don’t share consistently and aren’t sure what to talk about?
    ⚡️ Hire a copywriter to create engaging, converting copy, or book a power hour with an email marketer to help you with a strategic plan so you know exactly what to talk about and when.

If you’re unsure on how you can delegate biz-chores or make marketing yourself easier in your specific business, then send me an email or a DM and I’ll help you figure it out. I might even have some Here’s to more ease and joy in our businesses!