How to inspire creativity and innovation in your business

I don’t set resolutions in January but I’ve observed Luna New Year for years, and tend to set my big goals on this occasion instead.

It avoids the January Blues and the pressure that comes with setting society-worthy goals along with everyone else, who don’t really have the intention to keep them. January resolutions have this air of “it’s okay, it’s not serious, these are meant to broken by Easter”.

What started as an excuse to eat different food, turned into part of my expanding love of Japanese culture, and has since grown into a deep appreciation of global culture, exploration of nature and cyclical living, and of course, celebration.

This is the Year of the Wood Dragon. The dragon is considered the most powerful and auspicious of all animals and with this element the Wood Dragon is the most creative and visionary of the dragons. Not a bad mood for us creative business owners…and it’s already giving me ideas! (come on, I’m a brand designer, what did you expect?)

So, I encourage you to think differently about your brand this year by posing these questions inspired by the traits and themes for the Year of the Wood Dragon.

Questions to ask your business

  1. On bravery:
    What’s something you’ve been wanting to change up but haven’t yet. How would it feel for it to finally be done? What would be the first small step to getting closer to that goal?
  2. On creativity:
    If you had the opportunity to collaborate with your fav person or brand (I’m talking BIG like BTS, Louis Vuitton, Ben & Jerry’s.) what would you do/create/arrange?
  3. On vision:
    What are you brand values and vision? Write a list of of ways that demonstrate how you can PROVE you embody these things to your audience.
  4. On loyalty:
    Turning your audience from lurkers to raving fans is the goal. What do you do currently (or what could you be doing) to reward your clients not just for their custom but also for their attention?
  5. On innovation:
    Think about a random account that you follow for fun (not for business-reasons or your peers, in fact the FURTHER away from your industry the better) and think about why you follow them. How can you bring
  6. On growth:
    Successful growth isn’t all about speed — you need to make sure that what you are doing is sustainable for the long run. What is 1 tiny marketing activity you can do to show up easily and consistently?

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Have any of these questions got you thinking a little differently about your brand, your business plans, or perhaps your creative content? I’d love to hear which question is your favourite — mine is no 2. Send me a message on Insta or Threads and let me know 🙂