Are you afraid of being visible in your business?

I was chatting to some pals in an online biz community about what it means to be visible as business-owners and humans, and it dawned on me that this directly links to one of the primary reasons why I chose to be a brand designer specifically for women.

Inspired by an article by Nadia Meli, it really hit home about how we all crave connection in some way, and how that can appear in not just the way we live but also the work we do. (Side note: you might like to read more of Nadia’s substack, Life Letters)

Humans crave connection — we are hard-wired that way. We want to be seen and heard, but we can also have a fear of being seen and heard. Whaaaaat!? To be honest with you, I have it too. For me, it’s not really a fear of being seen, it’s a fear of NOT being seen. Of expressing myself and being ignored. Of sharing my truth and being disregarded. Of being vulnerable and being taken advantage of.

Sound familiar?

It’s something that many of us have had to deal with for the majority of our lives, so it can be really difficult to suddenly be comfortable with being visible. It makes sense that when we start our own businesses it can feel super uncomfortable to be thrust into a you-have-to-show-up-or-people-won’t-know-what-you-do environment.

I had gotten used to being someone who was perceived in a way I didn’t want — a black woman, a third-generation immigrant, a black sheep. Now, I’m taking back control of that perception by showing up in the way I TRULY want, the way I choose.

My deepest desire is to be seen for who I am. And it’s this that drives me to encourage other women to show up as who they are. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough when it’s not your default state, but it’s something I try to embody every day — whether in big or tiny ways.

That includes me embracing more colour in my life (and wardrobe), leading a studio that prides itself on strategic yet personality-packed design, seeking ease and joy wherever possible, and sharing honest conversations about being a creative woman in business in emails like this one.

So, as it turns out, I’m a brand designer to help YOU be more visible, which in turn helps ME be more visible, which helps MORE women be visible. The world doesn’t need more beige, but it sure as hell does need more women showing up and showing out!

Am I right? Yeah, I’m right.