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Yvie Ormsby

London-based & Remote 

On Yvie

Your new creative partner

Bold creative thinking is my bread and butter. Or perhaps it’s jelly and ice-cream. Or cake and sprinkles. Whether within agencies, in-house teams or freelance projects, I’ve been helping brands around the world stand out with design that’s as packed full of personality as they are. My environment may change but some things stay the same — keeping brand strategy in mind for every brief, creating for the big picture and the tiny detail, and my own anti-bland manifesto.

Pro-active with solid creative thinking and problem solving abilities, I have the flexibility to engage in a variety of online and offline projects. I’m highly passionate about this industry, and consider myself a creative hoarder. It’s this curiosity that drives me to explore new inspirations — science, poetry, board games — enabling me to support both my clients, my peers and my team.

On Values

The Anti-Bland Manifesto

These values are at the heart of everything I do, in and out of the studio.
It’s about being bold, not beige. It’s being open to anything, yet knowing where you stand. It’s about empowering people to take up space and to
do things their way. It’s about owning your quirks and celebrating
as much as possible.

Own your quirks

Know who you are, why you
do what you do, find your voice and show up unapologetically as you.


Live colourfully

Enjoy the journey, embrace variety. After all life is better in full colour: rainbows, tv screens, ice-cream…

Up for anything

Be actively curious, open-minded to trying new things and never stop learning. Static is only for the radio.

Celebrate often

Don’t forget to have fun and
acknowledge the wins of yourself and those around you. Set goals, hit goals, party!

On Work

A sneak peak at what I do

I love working on projects from start to finish – always thinking of the big brand picture, I enjoy being able to work thoughtful details within the design from top to bottom.



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On Not-Work

The Playground

I agree with Rick Rubin when he said that creativity is a way of being. Fostering an actively curious and creative life not only makes me feel good, it makes my work better. I might not always be in the house making, but I make sure to leave the door wide open to inspiration.

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