Galentine’s Day: Yoco Studio’s favourite women in business

Yoco Studio loves anti-bland women with big ideas, so it’s no surprise that we have a huge list chocka full of brilliant women that we’ve worked with, supported or are pleased to be able to call friends.

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We love women in biz!

Sharing the love isn’t *just* for Galentine’s or Valentine’s, but you know we do not skip a reason to celebrate. Now, there are FAR too many to mention in a single appreciation blog post (should this be a regular feature?!) so here’s to all the incredible women in our corner right now – know that we’ve got your back at any time!

Jess, Wild Coworking

Part marketing expert, part community-builder, part wild woman, part stationary enthusiast, Jess is the brilliant founder of Wild Coworking. Let’s be real here, running a business as a solopreneur can be lonely (especially when you primarily work from home) and being part of an engaged community can be an absolute game-changer for both your work life and your not-work life. It can be trial and error to find one that works for you but this group of like-minded women has been a huge support, encourager and accountability partner. It’s true what they say, when you find the one, you just know!

Bonus: As a member I’ve got a discount code if you join – just ask! You don’t have to mention me but I’d appreciate it as I could get a thank-you affiliate gift.

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Ellie, The Enthusiast

A movement encouraging people to be more enthusiastic and unapologetically themselves? You can see why we can’t get enough of what Ellie stands for. Celebrating individuality and encouraging more joy? Yes, please. Voted one of 2022’s Top 100 Small UK businesses, The Enthusiast offers thought-provoking writings, a fortnightly podcast, a shop full of eco-friendly merch, and a magazine celebrating “people who love to love”. Talk about the ultimate cheerleader for a more joyful life.

We had a great chat about joy and what a soft yet vibrant life looks like on Ellie’s substack, Pep Talk.

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Louise, WorryTree

‘Create what you wish to see in the world’ is a message I remind myself of often and Louise embodies this with her mindful app, WorryTree. She was working with her therapist to help her manage anxiety but when she couldn’t find an app that did what she wanted, she decided to go ahead and build it herself. Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, this app supports you to manage, challenge and problem solve your worries which in turn helps to build better habits going forward. Inspirational, motivational and actually actionable? All kinds of yes!

I’ve worked with Louise on a few projects for WorryTree including this helpful download based on the very technique that inspired the development of the app.

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Kei, Creative Champs

There is a disconnect between studying for a creative career and actually living it, and that’s why Kei used her 18 years of experience to found this (very much needed) honest educational platform for creators. Passionate about the realities and the diversity of the creative industry, here you can find a huge resource hub, a community sharing real-world experiences, and an unfiltered podcast to help give visual creators a head start…all without the gatekeeping. It’s brilliant to see something that I wished was available when I was starting my creative journey.

Kei joined me in an honest conversation about wonky career paths, authentic communities and celebrating black creativity. Listen to the full show here.

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Nat, Natko Ceramics

You might recognise some of these mugs…Yoco Studio HQ has a coordinating pair of the splatter ripple mugs that you might have spotted making a regular appearance on Instagram. All Nat’s work is hand-built in a home studio in North Lincolnshire, UK (no pottery wheel!) which means every mug, vase and pot is never perfect but always full of charm. Interesting shapes, lots of colour, plus a personal touch, how could we not?

Insider tip: we can confirm the ripple mugs hold around 500ml of tea, coffee, wine…perfect for Galentine’s, Valentine’s and all-the-times!

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Founded and run by a team of anti-bland women, Yoco Studio has always been a champion and supporter of brilliant women in every industry, circle and space. In a nutshell, we believe women should have the business and lifestyle of their dreams, in any way they want, and we help them do just that with creative thinking and bold design. Check out our helpful blog, sign up to the Anti-bland Brand Club emailers, and connect with us on Instagram.